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I’m Making Changes – Get Your Consulting Now If You Want It

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Late next week I’ll be announcing a change to my work life. It’s exciting stuff that I hope readers here will appreciate, but it will lead to a major reduction in the time I spend doing consulting work. I’ll be finishing up projects that have already begun (if I haven’t discussed this with you don’t worry about it) but I won’t be taking on new projects after next week.

I honestly love consulting and will continue offering limited one hour sessions periodically, but I will no longer be spending half of my time on it. I’ve got another opportunity I can’t pass up.

In other words, if you’ve been thinking of getting in touch with me for a high-energy, rapid-fire one hour session about product usability, market positioning or launch planning – now’s the time because the pipe is going to be far more narrow very soon. I’ve been doing three or four one hour sessions per month for the past year and people love them. Let me know if you want to do one next week by email at

Otherwise, hang tight for some news next week. It’s nothing earth shaking but it should be pretty exciting. Thanks as always for your ongoing support.

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