Interested in AI? Check out this incredible new podcast: Voices of AI

Do you want to hear leading artificial intelligence practitioners talk through long detailed descriptions of their work? I do! Especially now that I’ve begun listening to AI researcher Leora Morgenstern explain the creation of systems for machines to read and understand tables in scientific research literature. It’s awesome!

Voices of AI is a brand new podcast made by Kent Bye, longtime publisher of the in-depth podcast Voices of VR – which is currently at episode #622! Episode 622 looks intense, too. (Trigger warning: discussions of sexual violence and fighting back.)

The first episode of Voices of AI I’m listening to is fascinating and fun. Kent Bye has become one of the 3 most influential people online in the world of Virtual Reality, so he knows what he’s doing connecting with industry leaders.

Bye said by Twitter DM, “my strategy is to find the best experts, ask them questions, and don’t hold them back from getting too technical. The mind is able to fill in a lot of the gaps and discover the deeper story, and repeat listens will reveal more info as you start to uncover the structures of knowledge and figure out the open questions.”

“It’s been my strategy in covering VR, and I’ve done the same with AI. I’ve even tested this to the limits by covering abstract mathematics. And what I’ve found is that the structure of language allows to find the deeper story of complicated topics. And full interviews with the full context allows you to tune into the deeper stories that headline-driven coverage misses. Podcasts as a medium allow you the flexibility to dive deep into a topic.”

Love it.

Imagine AI that can read and understand all the knowledge held in tables published in scientific research. Eeeek! That and more amazing things to ponder in one of the inaugural episodes of this new show.

Check it out.