I’ve left my day job to blog at Read/WriteWeb

I’m excited to announce that my work life is changing; I’ve resigned as Director of Content at SplashCast and joined the team at the excellent web 2.0 industry news blog Read/WriteWeb. I’ll also be putting a new level of time and energy into my consulting practice, something I haven’t been able to give the time it deserves in recent months.

Read/WriteWeb was founded several years ago by Richard MacManus, a very smart and personable fellow from New Zealand. Here’s a profile of Richard, in the New Zealand Herald. Tonight, RWW is the 27th most linked-to blog on the web, has more than 109k subscribers (more than TechCrunch had when I started there, you might note). It is, in my opinion, one of the most thoughtful blogs in the web 2.0 news world. I was very proud to be asked to join the team there and I’m looking forward to helping them rock all the more. I’ll be focused there on breaking news – providing blog coverage before anyone else when possible and in the well thought-out Read/WriteWeb way. I’m really excited to get back into the news blogging world.

What about SplashCast? Partnership announcements are coming fast and furious and the company just released a beautiful new media player that’s more feature rich than ever. Today’s announcement for example, of a partnership with Columbia Records, mobile publishing, inline chat and Twitter integration, illustrates where that team is. The pace of innovation there is stunning.

In my time at SplashCast I featured loads of really interesting use cases and I’ll miss doing that. I am particularly proud of the company blog’s 17 appearances on the front page of Digg and the more than 2,00 search results via Google in Techmeme. (I was really happy that my last Digg hit there was highlighting some of my favorite works of investigative journalism.) SplashCast’s engagement in social media deserves big accolades. I’ve written about how the company has worked with social media at length in this post.

Why am I leaving? It’s pretty simple; I got into this business because I want to be a reporter and a consultant -not a marketer. I’ve got great opportunities to do the work I most want to do right now – and so I’m going to. I’ve really been excited about writing lately and want to improve my skill at it. Read/WriteWeb will be a great place to do that.

People often say to me “you sure do change jobs a lot!” That’s true, I’ve been blessed with lots of opportunities in my short time working online and it’s been lots of fun to try out working in different capacities. I hope I’ve now found a long-term blogging home at Read/WriteWeb.

So watch this space for much more detail regarding my consulting work and watch Read/WriteWeb for even stronger coverage of the exciting developments in this fast changing online world. I’ll be starting there on Monday. The RSS URL to subscribe is http://www.readwriteweb.com/rss.xml .

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!