Links to tag a post: do they get used?

I’ve added a series of links to the footer of my posts that will enable one-click submission of that post to a wide variety of social bookmarking systems. There are many ways to do this, but today I found what may be the easiest – with Twister MC’s social bookmark link creator.

This is a pretty popular thing to do – but do people use them? I always use my browser’s bookmarklet to save to – do you click on these links when you see them? Perhaps it’s mostly a reminder to bookmark a good post. I wonder though if the aesthetic cost of these links is worth the usability they create.

I can see the use of links like this in an RSS feed for sure, using a service like Feedburner’s FeedFlare. In a feed reader there’s not always easy access to a bookmarklet or the unique URL for an individual post – thus a one-click link is great. But on a blog site? Thoughts?