What I’m doing: A work log

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Here’s what I’m working on right now, in log form!

April 2017

I’m working on integrating Little Bird into Sprinklr, and I’m coming up with some awesome new analytics & graphs derived from Twitter data. I’m reading a ton thanks to the Pocket mobile app’s text to speech functionality and I’ve begun experimenting with Mac OS’s Summary Service.

I’m experimenting with a new daily to-do and weekly feedback loop system. I fold a piece of paper into 8ths, then write a standard daily checklist in each of 7 rectangles on the page, and a weekly round-up of how I did in the eighth box. I’m trying to do Pomodoros, I’m focusing on moving a short list of key conversations each day, and I’m remembering the words of Tim Ferris: “Life’s too short to be busy all the time.”

March 2017

90 days since Sprinklr acquired Little Bird I’m focused on the following:

  • Selling Little Bird with MVP integration into Sprinklr, making influencer discovery more actionable than ever. It’s a great fit!
  • Product leadership – developing the next level of influencer discovery and marketing, as part of the most complete social media marketing platform on the market.
  • Influencer marketing and thought leadership using our own software, including work to expand people’s understanding of influencer marketing beyond B2C paid advocacy.

Additionally, I’m experimenting with hyper targeted influencer engagement using Accompany, I’m thinking a lot about networked foresight, and going to SXSW! Let’s meet up in Austin!

I want to make sure you know about NTEN - the Nonprofit Technology Network.

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