Making an Index of the 300 Top Geoblogs – Who Have We Missed?

If I had my choice in the matter, I would just sit around and read blogs about geotechnology all day.  It’s one of my very favorite topics.  I don’t get to do that, but I do track the sector for coverage of unusually interesting news to cover on the general interest site I co-edit, ReadWriteWeb.

To that end, using a somewhat complex process I came up with some time ago, and with the help of former RWW research intern and geo-nerd Justin Houk, we put together the following collection of nearly 300 blogs covering geotechnology.  Then we ran these puppies through Postrank to track the most-talked-about posts from across the geotechnology blogosphere.  We track those, along with the most-talked-about posts from across a number of other niche topics, to find cool news for nerds.

One of the features that Postrank offers is ranking the blogs in any collection by the amount of reader and social media engagement their posts receive. (Comments, inbound links, Tweets, delicious saves, etc.)  That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  I thought it could be a cool way to help discover up and coming blogs that readers might not know about and more.  I also liked the way that Postrank showed how rankings changed week over week.

So I thought I’d blog about it!  Forgive me if this seems presumptuous (I can’t claim to be an expert in this field) – but it’s the robots doing the ranking!  What I ask of you, site visitor is this:  who am I missing?  Speak up, now or whenever, and I’ll add your georelated blog to the index.

I plan to make a weekly posting on ReadWriteWeb about the top geo blogs, the top movers (up and down, with a caveat or two) and probably some selected articles that were big hits.  I’m planning on doing the same thing with the top several hundred blogs in other topics we love at ReadWriteWeb: Internet of Things, Big and Structured Data, maybe education technology, we’ll see.

I’ve been wanting to figure out a good way to do this for awhile, but tonight I learned how to pull data from Postrank using Needlebase (which I love). Want to see quickly if your blog is included in the following list of 300? Control-F should help you search this page for your blog’s name. Let me know in comments if it needs to be added.

For now, let’s start with geotech. This is a fun list, but let me know who ought to be on it and isn’t.