My Talk to the Portland Data Plumbing User Group

How cool is Portland, Oregon? So cool that you can put out a call for fans of tools like Yahoo Pipes, Dapper and other far-out feed manipulation services and get almost 40 people to show up! More than once!

So goes the newly revived Portland Data Plumbing Users Group, originally birthed by Justin Kistner, and now revived by Dawn Foster and Bill Jackson. What a crazy town we live in!

I spoke for an hour and a half tonight about RSS magic. Lots of jokes, some things I have discussed elsewhere publicly before and a fair amount of philosophical rumination on what it all means. Bill Jackson graciously streamed it live and recorded it, and I’ve embedded it below. Here’s the link to the slide show of links I went through. An hour and a half is a long video, so if you want the “quick and dirty” version – see this post, this post and this one.

The night starts with a round of introductions and I get into the meat of my talk a few minutes in. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out.