NPTech Meta Feed Update

Several months ago I was excited to find out about an attention stream for non-profit technologists that utilized the tag “nptech.” Althought begun in, I found that the tag was being used in many different platforms to tag many different kinds of online content – from photos to upcoming events. There’s discussion and aggregated content over at at I thought it would be helpful to create an RSS feed that pulls together items tagged nptech from all the sources listed at Tag I should probably update the sources to include podcast tags.

The aggregated feed is at

So it’s been about 2 months now since that feed was created, and I realized last night that I should probably share some statistics from Feedburner.

There are currently 21 subscribers to the RSS feed, NPTech Meta Feed.

That number has grown steadily in the last two months. (graphic coming in a minute)

The articles most clicked through so far are:

LATechSurvey.pdf (12 clickthroughs)
How about a nonprofit related application? (7 clickthroughs)
theses8.12.low.pdf (7 clickthroughs)

To be fair, two of those are pdf files, which had to be clicked through in order to be read, as pdfs don’t appear in an RSS reader. Other links people have clicked through the most to comment on or otherwise do more than just read include:

Michael Stein’s NON-PROFIT TECHNOLOGY BLOG: Bread and Butter 2.0 (I liked this one a lot.)

This week’s most popular clickthrough has been a podcast on IT Conversations about non-profits blogging. Unfortunately, whoever bookmarked it in Furl appears to have bookmarked the download link and not the podcast’s permalink – so clicking through just gets an error message. That podcast, titled Non-Profits Blogging can be found at

Ok, so that’s a run down of the NPTech Meta Feed so far. I’ll try and write a similar blog post every from time to time. This is a good example of a community of practice creating an attention stream using a tag.

These statistics were gathered via the wonderful folks at FeedBurner. If you are curious about the ins and outs of how RSS works and how these stats are gathered, you can listen to Madge Wienstien’s great interview with a FeedBurner exec.

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