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One RSS Feed Everyone Should Subscribe To: Who Favorites Your Tweets

Filed under: Uncategorized — Marshall Kirkpatrick @ is a cool service that tracks who’s favoriting your tweets. It’s the easiest way to find out, as far as I can tell. Tonight they added RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to see who likes what you’re saying but didn’t retweet or reply to it. It’s so simple and so useful that I think everyone should subscribe to that feed. I wrote about it tonight on ReadWriteWeb.

  • Tim

    Now that’s useful. Thanks for spotting it.

  • Nice find Marshall, thanks.

  • Marshall

    Thanks guys. Truth be told, I didn’t just find this feature – I asked for it to be created. The service didn’t publish feeds but I prodded them to. Thus here they are.

  • But… do people really favorite tweets? For what occasion are they saved?

  • Even better then! What power you wield 😉

  • i like this service a lot also 🙂

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