Pondering the Little Bird brand

Thinking about marketing and branding as I look at applicants for our Director of Marketing position at Little Bird, I’m pondering the following. 1 claim, 3 planks, keep it simple. (Simple is a challenge for me sometimes.) That’s one framework for thinking these things through, what others do you like? I’d love to know.

Claim: Little Bird will help you discover and create new business opportunities on the social web.

3 planks:

* Find the most influential people online in your market. Little Bird’s graph analysis (analyzing peer connections, not general popularity) is the smartest, most objective, flexible system you’ll find.
* Engage with those thought leaders and their hot content – so you can know, and show you know, what’s at the cutting edge in your field.
* Do it all at scale, fast: on your mobile device, for any topic, before any meeting.

Where’d you learn that? A Little Bird told me…

Little Bird is: Smart. Useful. Fast.

Maybe that’s still not simple enough. I just thought I’d post here and work out loud.

  • Good luck..and just keep up your work on that

  • cagedether

    I like your 3 plank approach! Getting a lot of traction here as IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is legendary for working in 3’s. One other point: have you looked at the keyword universe around ‘influencer’ and ‘digital marketing’ to come up with language that resonates with your potential client-base?