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ReadWriteWeb #3 Most Read News by Interactive Marketers, Forrester Poll Says

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That from a new poll of just under 100 marketing professionals, performed by the world’s leading marketing analyst firm, Forrester. (“New Media Dominates For Interactive Marketing News & Information“) It seems a little crazy, but the internet is very important to marketers, so publications that focus on it exclusively, with an eye towards the future, make sense for marketers to read.

Mashable serves marketers directly (though it’s been hours since I first wrote about Twitter’s opening the doors for marketers to request ad buys directly and no Mashable coverage yet!) – so it makes sense that they are at the top of this list. TechCrunch has made itself the center of the web universe, so it’s near if not at the top of almost every list.

ReadWriteWeb? Essential reading for interactive marketers? Cool! Thanks, folks!

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