Real Time Web Research: What Companies or People Should I Request Briefings From?

I’m working on a couple of big research projects for ReadWriteWeb concerning The Real Time Web. I am looking for key articles to read on the topic (suggestions welcome) but I’m also interested in suggestions (or volunteers) of organizations or individuals I can request briefings from.

I’m interested in the use of real time, web-based information not just in consumer web companies, but also in nonprofit organizations, financial services and in media. I probably have the least resources available in media and financial services. If you can recommend any people doing exciting work with the real time web in any of those sectors or believe you’d be good to talk to yourself – please shoot me an email or leave a comment below. My email is

I’m excited to try and do a lot of briefings on this topic and learn a frightening amount about it. Thanks for your help with that.

  • Two things

    1) Real-Time is just a feature of a much larger trend (

    2) Collecta, Twazzup, Tweetmeme oh and of course JS-Kit 😉

  • Hi Marshall. We’re ready to talk about Nozzl Media, if you’d like to put us on your list. Brian Hendrickson ( is the development brains behind our real-time stream. I’d be happy to talk about the business model. Thanks.