Site Mod Rockstars – Who’s Your Favorite?

This morning I discovered Swedish programmer Johan Sundström’s EcmaNaut Blog and am still marveling at the sheer beauty of what he’s done with it. As if that weren’t enough it’s a Blogger site! Have you made fun of anyone lately for having a blog on Blogspot? Well go check out EcmaNaut and you’ll want to repent. It’s not just the use of several Google Maps to show his home and his most 100 recent visitors on multiple scales that’s impressive. Look all over the site and you’ll be impressed. The text will probably be unreadable to all but the most tech savvy (I had to stretch to get the most basic idea of what’s going on there) but it’s basically about a part of the JavaScript programming language family that Sundström used to modify the site. If you’re technically inclined, it seems very cool. Jon Udell wrote an article about how cool EcmaScript is yesterday on Infoworld.

Also in the Site Mod Rockstar category – check out my buddy Justin Kistner’s MySpace profile. See especially the blog post there on the top of the list “ATTN MySpace: Please Don’t Delete My Account.” He’s got a real interesting discussion there about how and why he’s changing the MySpace profile code, how he’d like to work with them on it, and how he doesn’t want to end up like his inspiration Tim Benziger. Benzinger’s MySpace account was shut down after he modified the heck out of the code.

Anyone else have sites in mind from code mod rockstars?

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