Tips on beginning to blog

I like this list of tips, it’s thorough and succinct. From Rob Cottingham at Social Signal, a Vacouver consultancy that you should check out if you’re interested in a key example of what people are doing in the Web 2.0 and nonprofit space. I work with Social Signal folks on Net Squared.

From their e-newsletter:

Tips on beginning to blog

1. Serve yourself. Know why you’re blogging: a sense of mission can go a long way to keeping your blog interesting, focused and on track.
2. Serve your audience. Figure out who you want to reach, and what they’re looking for (as well as what they don’t need to hear).

3. Start small. Start with modest goals (such as a post every week), and build the habits that can sustain your blogging.
4. Think big. Before you publish a post, ask how it could do more. Is there a resource it could link to? A deeper insight it could offer?
5. Reach out. Comment on other people’s blogs, and join the conversation.
6. Be human, and be humane. Reflect on what you’re about to say, how it’s likely to be received, and what you’d like to achieve by saying it.
7. Keep learning. Find out about new tools that can extend your reach, make it easier for people to find you and smooth out the mechanics (and wipe out the pitfalls) of blogging.
8. You are responsible for everything you publish. Your parents, your employer, that coworker you’re crushing on will all read your blog.

For more check out Rob’s full post on the their blog. See also the Social Signal CEO Alexandra Samuel’s contributions at Corante’s new group blog, Civic Minded. She’s joined there by Marnie Webb of Tech Soup and Net Squared.