Video Sharing with YouTube

Searching for a video upload tool for a client, I’ve come back to the service I initially thought would be best There are many options available, but I needed something that would support my Mac, would allow the kind of reposting you’ll see below and had decent server speed. YouTube does not appear to allow subscription to a particular tag’s RSS feed, a major loss. Update: I am wrong about this. The company wrote me back and explained that such feeds could be subscribed to like this: Fantastic!

It also seems to lack a community of serious users make meaningful use of the medium (web video) but they are far from unique in that. Below are two of my favorite examples of YouTube in use.

To read more about YouTube and some other leading tools for online video sharing, check out Tech Crunch’s comparative reviews: “Comparing the Flickrs of Video

Hint: You may want to press pause after pressing play, to give the whole video a chance to download. Sometimes my computer has a hard time keeping up, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Chalk La Strada
Uploaded by user Rich Sheikh

MIT Media Lab I/O Brush
Uploaded by several users

Incredible demonstration of a new technology.

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