Web2.0 is Exploding!

For some indication of how intense the explosion of web based services and applications is, check out these pages:

What do the things highlighted on these pages have in common?

  1. They reley on serious bandwidth
  2. cheap data storage
  3. storage done on the network and not on your computer
  4. user supplied data and network effects( Amazon.com’s users’ book reviews, Craig’s List classified ads, and items tagged in social bookmarking services are some traditional examples)
  5. AJAX (asynchronous javascript and XML) a programming method that loads more into your browser than is shown at any one time, so your clicks can be responded to immediately without sending a signal back to the host server. Slick.

Those are some of the key components of Web2.0 and the number of new tools being created, mixed, mashed-up etc. can be overwhelming. I’m here to help you figure out ones work best together in the service of your non-technological interests.

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