Women on TechMeme

Don’t look now but women are making more of an appearance on TechMeme, the automated tech blogosphere buzz tracker, than usual. It’s often derided as an insiders’ boys’ club but today you’ll find a discussion of CNet’s obnoxious story Top 10 Girl Geeks of All Time and a Mama Musings/Nancy White meme about a cute baby video. Highest on the page right now is some good Katie Fehrenbacher reporting, but that’s nothing new. The CNet story was the top story when I woke up. (I should have used another example perhaps – that story is totally going to end up having a bunch of dudes circled around it kicking it while it’s down and that’s not the point I’m trying to make – I swear!) Jeneane Sessum hypothesized that there was an algorithm adjustment but it’s more likely a slow news day, to be honest. If Techmeme is going to be worth reading in the long run, though, it’s going to have to include more womens’ blogs. That won’t happen by manual inclusion by Gabe Rivera (ok, fine Gabe) but the way it will happen is as every blog gets indexed there: linkage. Blogs already included in Meme can link to blogs not included and thus introduce Gabe’s robot to the new blogs.

So if my personal blog here is still included in Techmeme’s index, I’m going to shoot to get this post on it by linking to one of the top stories. (Update: Success! Within about 30 minutes I was on the list discussing that ridiculous CNet story.) Then I’ll link over to a couple of people who should be indexed there, just in case they aren’t. Marnie Webb wrote an interesting post this month about an activist camp in SecondLife, as did Ruby Sinreich, Beth Kanter wrote about Revver ads in nonprofit videos online. Those folks are already blogosphere heavyweights, but this is just a proof of concept and I need to get back to work. 😉

Maybe this is silly, but maybe it’s this simple to change who’s included in Techmeme. Those blogs I’m linking to may need to be linked to the same links on Meme that I linked to early in the post though – in other words, they may need to be participating in these particular conversations already. I don’t know, it’s a mystery. And of course getting on Techmeme presumes that those blogs link to the same URL as other people indexed within the same half day or so that conversation first emerges. That’s not something that everyone is interested in or in a position to do – but that’s the nature of Techmeme.

My blog was first included there when Barb Dybwad linked to me writing about something. I may have neglected this blog for long enough that it’s no longer indexed by Techmeme, I don’t know. I remember when I first made it onto the site, though. It was very exciting and a huge traffic spike for this humble little blog. Let’s see if we can get some of that Meme love spread around.