Live Presentation Today: RSS for Business

I’ll be giving a one hour presentation on using RSS for your business today at the Open Technology Business Center in Beaverton, Oregon and the organization broadcasts all its presentations in live video via UStream. Update: Notes below, above the book stuff. Will post video when avail. Presentation time is 12 noon PST. Embedded below is the player, I hope you’ll consider stopping by for a visit. I’ll share some thoughts on what I consider to be one of the most important technologies on the web for communication and I’d love your feedback. Live chat is enabled at this page. Though the talk is aimed primarily at businesses, if nonprofit readers here are able to ignore the parts about using RSS to grind up flowers and fairies for profit, there should be some information of interest to you as well.

Here’s part 1, the action starts a little bit in and there’s more advanced stuff in parts two and three. Brief notes for the whole talk are below.

Coincidentally, I’m also working on a book proposal for a publisher interested in a work concerning RSS. The original title was “RSS for Power Users” but the number 1 bit of feedback I’ve gotten is that the title has to change! Otherwise, feedback so far has been on balance good. Below is that proposal, just pasted in as I’m on the run, but I’d love your feedback too in comments. Thanks for stopping by!
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Live short video chat, testing OoVoo

I’ve agree to participate in a launch event for the desktop video conferencing service Oovoo on Monday. If you’re interested in meeting, perhaps discussing a thing or two briefly, I’d love it if you’d join me. Sign up and download of the Mac client is at There’s a charity angle and it should be fun. Why would you use a desktop app to do live video chat? Privacy and file transfer are reasons I’ve thought of.

Ooovoo is pretty nice, and I might end up using it in some situations – but I’m not sure. Come check it out with me if you’d like to and we’ll have a chance to say hello. Limited spaces are available and I don’t know how the whole plan is going to work. To be honest, the marketing here seems too involved for me but whatever. Let’s get out of it what we can, and when you’re talking about seeing each others’ faces and hearing each others’ voices – that can be a lot.