How to Keep Track of the Margins of Your Blogosphere

I contributed a tutorial session to the BlogOn Expo Summer 2008 last week that I thought could be of interest to readers here. It’s titled “Tracking the Margins of Your Blogosphere and it’s all about a method I use to keep an eye on the most important news from sectors I am marginally interested in. The whole Expo should be worth some of your time, the last one was quite good.

I feel conflicted about the decision I have learned that the Expo has made to do a publicity deal with Izea/PayPerPost, who are scumbags. I can understand why the Expo would do so and I can understand why armies of beginning bloggers would work with Izea. However, I do not like the idea of advertisers paying for blog coverage and I do not believe them when they say disclosure is required. See image below, click for full size.

Why did I contribute to the BlogOnExpo? I didn’t know about the Izea partnership until after I already had and I’m not sure how big a deal it is. I do want to be clear though that I am in no way in support of Izea.

That said, I hope you like the content that I and a number of other bloggers contributed to the Expo.