A conversation with Dave Winer

I was honored to be interviewed by Dave Winer today in a 20 minute podcast about the service FriendFeed and other RSS applications. Winer helped birth a wide range of technologies like RSS, podcasting and OPML (bundles of RSS feeds that you import and export from feed readers). He’s a tech hero and I don’t know what my life would be like without his work.

Read on for a Flash audio player and links that we discussed.

Check out the play button below where you can listen to the interview using the Yahoo Mediaplayer, which was super easy to include here! It did change the color of the text on this page, though. Anyway, here’s the interview.

Dave Winer interview of yours truly.

Links we discussed include:
*The ReadWriteTalk interview with the founders of FriendFeed – where by the way, I’ve since learned that there is a lot more than just RSS going on over there. Check out that interview, there’s a transcript available too. The differentiation starts at about 8 mins in.
*The RWW Primer on Lifestreaming
*Our list of 35 lifestreaming services
*The popularity filtering service we talked about was AideRSS and the feed scraping service is Dapper.net