Alexaholic now called Statsaholic

Statsaholic isn’t quite as catchy a name as Alexaholic, but you can imagine the objections from Alexa (an Amazon property) to the original name. As of yesterday there’s a redirect and a new name. Ron Hornbaker had high hopes for a more amiable relationship with Amazon, but using the Alexa API and exploring more value added services sounds like a good plan for a site Hornbaker says he built in a weekend. Snap, the creators of the most annoying blog plug-in in the world, are an early sponsor of Statsaholic. If you’ve never checked out Hornbaker’s service, you should. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get comparative Alexa data, as imperfect as that data might be. Cool graphs too. It’ll be fun to see what else is in the works there.

See for example the graph below of Allen Stern’s CenterNetworks (blue line) vs. Boing Boing type site Neatorama (in red).

  • apathy

    and may i ask
    what do you think about a tool like semrush?
    i know it is rather good too.

    just interested in your opinion