GMail’s AJAX Spell Check Evolves Further

Disclaimer: I do not love Google. I may use its websearch all the time, it’s blog search too, its news and image search, it’s maps – etc. but I am not in love with it. There are so many alternatives. See, for example, Jux2, Clusty and Feedster. Heck, MSN Search gets great results and offers RSS feeds for every web search. Beat that! Well, a great spell checker is pretty cool.

Is it just me, or is the GMail spell checker not only one of the best things online but also built with AJAX? And it appears to have just been updated to become way more functional. Like in the last 10 minutes it was updated!

That’s rad. I already use it as my default spell checker for all that blog software out there that doesn’t have spell checking built in. Now it’s even groovier. Check it out, or if you don’t have a GMail account and would like to try one of the best email services available – send me an email and I’ll send you an invite.

Update: I wrote this late last night, and this morning it appears that the spell checker is back to its previous version. The new version allowed you to continue typing in your email after clicking “spell check” – instead of freezing everything in blue like it does now. There were a number of other small, additional features. Knowing Google’s habit of throwing up new services and then taking them down, I should have grabbed a screen shot. It was cool though.

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