Interaction Hottest in First Hour After Writing? Not For These Augmented Reality Posts


Image 1: Traffic for Augmented Reality: 5 Barriers to a Web That’s Everywhere
Image 2: Traffic for First iPhone Augmented Reality App Appears Live in App Store

They say that interaction with articles is hottest in the first hour after you post them. I’ve always thought there was some truth to that, but some of the articles I’ve been writing about Augmented Reality lately make me think that might not be as important as I thought. (Check out this post by Sid Gabriel Hubbard explaining what AR is.)

That’s probably because they are being bandied about in social networks until they happen to hit a certain threshold of having been shared, then they go to place with higher profile and more traffic. (Front page, most popular, etc.) I imagine that posts not crossing that threshold exhibit a more traditional pattern of traffic.

It also makes me think Augmented Reality is something people want more coverage of. That’s good because I want to write more about it. I do need to post a poll asking if people think this stuff is stupid or for real, though. Definitely seeing some comments saying it’s all hype, the apps so far are dumb, etc.

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