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Interview: Cool Online Tools for Nonprofits

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My friends at NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network, are starting a monthly “cool tools you should know” video series and I did the first one with them. I hope it proves useful, not too basic for nonprofits but not too “head in the clouds” either. Links to the tools discussed are below the video player.

If you are in the mood for explanatory video you should make sure to check out this post: The Common Craft Show: A Case Study in Video Awesomeness. Fantastic videos introducing the concepts of RSS and wikis. Not to be missed.

What tools should I share with Holly and the NTEN community next chance I get? I’m sure some of you out there have some suggestions. I’m thinking BlogRovr, which I would use all the time if I used Firefox instead of Safari, Google Gears, the new framework for taking GMail, Google Reader and other apps offline onto the desktop, and maybe NetNewsWire/FeedDemon. Do readers have other suggestions for cool tools for nonprofit folks to check out?

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