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More Beautiful Location Data Made More Beautiful

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Some geo data related links I found interesting tonight in a Friday night reading a geo Twitter list in Flipboard.    

NAVTEQ Network for Developers: Check out some of these cool NAVTEQ products

These look very cool – real-time traffic, 3d maps, street sign visualizations and more – available for developers to enrich other location services.  I don’t know what the price point is, how much fun the data is to work with, etc. but I love the idea.

Google Geo Developers Blog: Five Great Fusion Tables + Maps Examples

Google added the ability to include geodata in its Fusion Tables product this week – now this post highlights 5 good examples of maps that you can thus create.  I love me some map publishing – I got to meet the fabulous Pete Warden of Open Heat Map yesterday and was happy to congratulate him on his tool’s coverage in the Columbia Journalism Review.

Google Map Edits Viewed Live…Eventually

The link above is to a new site called Google Map Maker Pulse, where (in theory) you can view live Google Map Maker edits with made to all around the world.  That’s one of the ways Google Maps gets improved over time.  Unfortunately it’s a big 404 right now.

FluidDB » Blog Archive » Importing data into FluidDB with Flimp

The good people at FluidDB (a crazy awesome tool I wrote about here) have built a data importer for their collaborative, dynamic database service and the first data sets they imported are metadata for everything on and  They say the (meta)data is now more searchable, cross-referencable and editable now than ever before.  A whole lot of that is geo data.  And what’s not geo data is related to place – because everything is, right?  I should add locations to all my blog posts.  Reminds me of this excited post I wrote this week about Extractiv – a bulk semantic analysis service that you simply must read about if you’re a data-loving geek.

Bonus: My wife found this video tonight – of the winners so far of Google’s DemoSlam contest.

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  • Hi Marshall

    Thanks for the kind words about FluidDB. We should meet up one day, I’m in NYC often (next trip 11/29-12/10).

    To be a bit clearer, we didn’t import all the data, but all the metadata. The work was done (and the blog post written) by Nicholas Tollervey , who has also built a search interface (an app that is itself also hosted in FluidDB), though he’s not mentioned it yet. He has other plans too. Sorry for the confusion!

    Thanks again,

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