My New People Tracking System

I’m experimenting with a new system for discovering and getting to know important new people. I’m pretty excited about it. Of course it’s about Twitter because Twitter is paying my mortgage. I wrote a little song about it, goes something like this:

Just kidding, no song. I totally should write a song about it, though. If this system works well over time maybe I will do a little warbling about it after all. Thoughts?

  • I wrote a Chrome extension that shows me what friends of mine are following the profile I’m viewing on It is nice because it requires not extra effort on my part and blends into the page as if Twitter is providing the information.

  • I particularly liked the idea of creating a “purgatory” list for the people you started following recently, from which they can “graduate”.
    You are saying that “…a bunch of smartest, most interesting people in a lot of different industries use twitter all the time”. Absolutely agree. How do you cope with the sheer volume?

  • I’ll am disappointed that there was no song, but I did like seeing how you use 3rd party apps.

    Takeaway: Managing Twitter should NOT be this difficult. Either 1) Twitter needs to give greater access to developers OR 2) Twitter must build it themselves. Now that we know #2 is the rumored route, does it exclude #1, or can the two coexist?

    Liza Sperling
    Scout Labs
    @scoutlabs / @lizasperling

  • Liza, twitter is NOT that difficult, what Marshall is doing is not something a lot of people would do, they would not even think of it 🙂 Therefore for that specific need and the way he is using twitter – gosh I do not know how he copes with the 5 000 people he follows, but he cetainly needs a tool like this.

    See, twitter is still not that good in suggesting you nice people to follow, plus even if one day it becomes that good, who will you trust – a friend or a machine 🙂 So… Congrats Marshall for all the effort and the englihtment – appreciated!

  • Nice!

    Just watched this and read your post over on RWW. “the utility is undeniable”

    I’m liking the geek flavor. You think in connections. That resonates with me. I’m paying more attention.

    BTW, I tried Jing and found that I like Screenr better. Perhaps it’s personal preference. Since you like shiny new toys I thought I’d throw that out there.


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  • Been trying to watch this for a while now and all I ever get is

    “error on line 87 at column 44: xmlParseEntityRef: no name”

  • One new service that I like is Cadmus (, which orders tweets from the people you’re following by level of importance of the tweet (measured by conversation stemming from that tweet).

    I especially like to take a peek first thing in the morning, to see if I’ve missed anything important in the overnight.

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