Podcast Interview with Norris McDonald over Gizmo Project

The above link is an interview I did yesterday with Norris McDonald, President of the African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA). We talked for about 18 minutes about a variety of topics including:

  • The AAEA Blog and the AAEA Hollywood Blog and Norris’s experiences with his constituents on these blogs.
  • Will podcasting take off or do most people prefer their talk on the radio and music on their iPods?
  • Nuclear power. The AAEA supports it as the solution to all the problems of fossil fuel dependency. Norris also argues that advocating for decreased consumption in the US is unrealistic. He recommends the site GreenSpirit for more info.

The interview was done via the Gizmo Project a VOIP program very much like Skype. Gizmo was every bit as easy to use and has a one-click record function, something that is a real nightmare in Skype. To read more about Gizmo Project check out this reviews on the bottom of the Gizmo page. Gizmo saved the call onto my desktop in .WAV format with a filename based on my caller’s username. Much thanks to my sound engineer brother who cleaned up the background info and um’s. I think it sounds great. Hopefully this is the first of many interview podcasts we’ll be doing.

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