Sharing Websites with Not This Week You’re Not

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Update: Three cheers for team – this problem has been fixed!

While is getting some much deserved credit for the release of an intriguing looking API today, one of the most standard and valuable features of the system hasn’t been working all week. Specifically, none of the tags applied by users have been updated for 3 days! This means that if you are subscribed to a particular tag, you’re not getting updates. If you go to a tag page to see what the most recent items given a particular tag have been – you’ll see that there’s nothing new for the past 3 days on any tag. Popular is still working, but I hope that the individually tagged items will get fixed asap. It’s an important line of communication for many distributed groups and the last 3 days have been a real loss.

Apparently this is news to the team at The most recent comment on the official blog is from site founder Joshua Schachter, in response to a previous commenter complaining about the problem:

“This shouldn’t be happening, please send a bug description (what urls are are stuck, your userid, etc) to joshua at via email…

Posted by: joshua | Dec 20, 2006 11:03:42 AM”

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