What Has The Internet’s Biggest Political Impact Been so Far?

Reading up about Twitter and Tunisia today, among other things, I posted the following thought: Whatever else it does, the web’s biggest political impact comes from making it easy for anyone to learn about the world & history, right?

Not everyone agreed with me! I got some great responses, which I’ve curated in the widget below. (Incidentally, I tried using both Curated.by and Storify. Neither worked as well as I wished it would, but I preferred Storify.)

What do you think of this question? I think it makes for a very interesting little discussion! Lots of opportunity for cynicism, but I’m not sure how warranted that is. Do you really believe that learning via the web has been minimal compared to the impact of Farmville? I don’t know if I really believe that.

  • tyler long

    in my point of view, social media has been the biggest impact on our lifes, i still sometimes feel that we should shut down all the twitter and facebook account, life was very simple before social networks.