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Three hot apps: Jing, PandoraJam and Netvibes Mobile

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Thought I’d make a quick post here to share some awesome new applications I’ve discovered in the past day or so – some of them fun, some of them useful, some of them both.


This is the easiest cross-platform screencasting software I’ve seen yet. An experimental project from TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia, Jing lets you pick an app or define a space on your screen to record all activity and audio from. Recording narration is easy too. The end result is a .swf in a simple player that can be hosted in a free account on (includes embed code) or saved to your desktop and uploaded to your own server. It’s intended for quick recording and sharing in emails and IM but I found it very useful in yesterday’s SplashCast release too. See the example embedded at the bottom of this post. The .swf player is nothing special, but the recording process sure is quick and easy.


This $15 app with a free demo has made my morning. It lets you listen to your Pandora radio channels through AirTunes. That’s a long time wish of mine and I couldn’t be happier. I found it on VersionTracker, after learning that the site was just acquired today by CNET. Congrats VersionTracker crew!

Netvibes Mobile

I use Netvibes as my startpage to check top feeds throughout the day, in between Netnewswire sessions. Before today’s release of the mobile version, I did my daily phone reading (and I do a lot of that) via Techmeme and OriginalSignal mobile. Now I can get more personalization without trying to run all 2k+ feeds I read in NNW through my Windows Mobile RSS reader. I could have put my Netvibes OPML file there, but now my mobile startpage is synched with my regular startpage. Sweet!

It’s great to see that there’s still no shortage of new apps and developments coming out daily. These are exciting times. See the screencast below to watch a Jing recording of SplashCast’s new release!

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