Twitter for Nonprofits

I’m participating as a guide in an online event tomorrow where we’ll discuss how nonprofit organizations can rock Twitter. Hosted by the great nonprofit technology assistance project TechSoup, the event will go on through an asynchronous but scheduled day of forum postings. I’ll be joined by Michaela Hackner, Director of Online Strategy at the very cool looking organization World Learning (check them out, looks great!).

What will be discussing?

Much of the discussion will concern things that came up in a webinar that Michaela Hackner lead this afternoon (sorry I’m late blogging about this!) and I’m sure there will be a lot of other general questions.

Specifics that I’ll want to bring into the discussion will include:

*Using Twitter for news, opinion and information gathering.
*Using Twitter for technical help.
*Using Twitter to publicize your events and other work.
*Finding the best people to follow on Twitter.
*Building your network and status on Twitter.

A couple of relevant links that participants may appreciate:

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Feel free to share more links in comments to posts around the web that you’d advise nonprofit participants to check out.