Web 2.0 to Be Bought Out?

0 Comments 10.06.05

Updates: 1. Add to this list the rumored sale of Weblogs.com ping service to Verisign. Hmmm…Wonder if they’ll do something about the spam-blogs. Pingoat is great about that. Maybe someone should give them millions of dollars. 2. The Gawker Media Empire (owners of the rad LifeHacker blog, is loud and clear about not being for sale. In fact they’ve made a deal instead to get their content translated into multiple languages to reach more readers. Cool.

A series of interesting developments in the world of corporate acquisitions over the last few days:

So what does this mean for Web2.0? This is certainly becoming the dominant business model – build something cool, get a large user base, then sell to a larger company. (Like eBay buying Skype just last month.) It kind of makes me sad. Isn’t independence a viable business model? What examples are there of such acquisitions not slowing innovation, openness and responsiveness to a crawl? Please tell me if you know.

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