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Washington Post Integrates Blogs

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Did you know that many of the Washington Post’s online stories include a little box showing blogs that are linking to that story? It looks like they have been since this fall. It’s one more way that Technorati is rocking the blogosphere. Why didn’t anyone else think of doing this? Or would anybody else be able to?

I think I’d seen that before but forgot about it until I got some of that link love myself on accident. It sure seems like people interested in crossing over into mainstream media discussion of topics important to them, if there is such a division, could benefit from checking to see if the Post has coverage of the issue they are blogging about! It seems like a pretty reciprocal deal, in fact.

Last month the Post turned off comments on their own blogs, so adding these inbound links is obviously a well thought out way to integrate new media.

I’m going to go post right now over at the Social Software blog about PRNewswire’s adding a “post to” button to all their press releases!

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