A Week in the WebJustice2.0 Stream: An Overview

3 Comments 11.13.05

Earlier this month I proposed using the tag WebJustice2.0 to designate something online as related to issues of inclusion in Web 2.0 – blog posts, events, images etc. related to the efforts to decrease the white male middle and upper class dominance of this emerging field. You can read about the WebJustice2.0 tag stream here.

This week the tag got some great use. You can always see the newest items syndicated at the end of my sidebar, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed yourself at WebJustice2.0 Feed.

Here’s what was submitted to the feed this week, I think all via authors’ Technorati Tags or readers via Del.icio.us:

That’s a week in the WebJustice2.0 Attention Stream! Feel free to subscribe to the feed and you’ll get these items in your RSS feed reader.

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